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Q5 | Quat Sanitizer Measure & Display

In both long term care and food service applications, it is useful to assess the level of quat in solution on an ongoing basis. For example, mop bucket cleaning cloths bind quat making less actual chemistry available to clean surfaces. In food services, carry-out and carry-over dilute available quat to sanitize wares. While test strips remain a viable method, effective use requires an ongoing level of diligence and attention to detail and the pressure of ongoing operations may stress that ability. Staff may try to accelerate the process, push solutions longer than their useful life, or, more typically, incorrectly dilute the sanitizing chemistry from the outset. Turnover in staff and the increasing post pandemic acceleration in sales volume may compound the issue.

Arc Revere Digital quat concentration measuring

The need for a robust easy-use solution, then, follows on from the above and is based on the premise that measuring quat solution using test strips is operator dependent, color changes are not particularly clear, and the use of the strips system is completely manual and relying on operator discretion to use the strips in a timely and effective manner, neither of which typically happens. Due to the challenges associated with test strip use, a method was developed to simplify the ongoing assessment of solutions along with a clear visual indicator of the general status.



The Q5 system is a battery powered compact device that floats in the quat solution and assesses the concentration of available quat. ADBAC quat, Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, is the sanitizing component monitored with this particular device and assessed concentrations are shown in 50 ppm increments from 150 to 2,000 PPM quat.


Q5 turns on automatically when placed into water and employs bright easily read PPM concentration. Q5 cycles automatically running a solution assessment every three minutes and displays the concentration for five seconds. This cycle continues until the unit is removed from the solution.


The benefit of the Q5 comes from helping to ensure that sanitizing solutions are correct – neither too high nor too low, and that the solution is refreshed in a timely manner. These simple aspects allow more efficient use of time and aid in maximizing customer experience. Ensuring that sanitizing solution is accurate becomes the simplest of functions for the operator, reminding them to monitor sanitizing solution concentration and alert when it is time to refresh. In the busy ongoing operation of the business, Q5 eases the burden from staff so they may be more productive and place their focus on more customer facing, revenue-improving work.


One of the more significant aspects influencing costs is the incorrect use of chemistry. It is too simple to not use enough chemistry, trusting an infrequently maintained dilution unit and "cleaning with water" or conversely, to dose by hand, pouring “glug glug” and using too much chemistry – with the result that the solution must be discarded and made anew, or more likely, the over-dosing is not recognized, providing sticky surfaces. Compounding the issue and increasing cost follows by not refreshing the solution at the appropriate interval or replacing it earlier than needed. Q5 provides a robust, hands-free, cost-effective solution to these challenges.   

Sanitizing Surfaces

Arc Revere technologies provide the tools needed to further deliver the highest perception of care and cleanliness. Whether it’s technology facilitating soft surface sanitizing or assessing the cleanliness of a counter in a deli, Arc Revere has a proven track record of in-depth engineering and innovation.

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