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Healthcare, Hospitality & Food Service


The work is all about cleaning and generating the most hygienic conditions with simple, efficient, cost effective methods - getting it done, day in day out, by a widely varying cross-section of staff, frequently some of the lowest paid employees, often under pressure, and almost always wanting to do the job well. Efficacy is important, whether the evaluation criteria is sanitizing, labor time required, or likelihood of proper application.  There is also the ability to work on a broad range of surfaces and objects whether in hospitals and long-term care facilities or hotels and cruise ships.


Arc Revere and our technologies provide significant differentiation that tap into global accelerating trends.


What makes any particular application more important than another? There are practical considerations and, ultimately, also a critical component of combining the most appropriate product with an efficient channel to the market. Specifically addressing new technologies, the following are some of the more relevant considerations.


Understanding that the defined target markets present significant revenue opportunity and are clearly anticipating ten-year growth cycles, the aspect to explore, then, is the common attributes between the sectors and technologies to leverage. Solutions offered must generate benefits in simpler, safer and faster cleaning systems, and enhance cost control minimizing total cost of ownership and maximize revenues from services provided. Further, expanding applicability from one sector to the next is a key consideration to maximize sales potential, lower SG&A, and increase scale of economy.


As a result of evaluating the market-driven needs, there is good news and bad news in the new competitive landscape.


The bad news first: there are a number of aggressive, multi-national organizations pursuing innovative technologies and, as noted previously, the pandemic has also given credibility to a larger number of smaller organizations as well, collectively presenting significant competition. Multi-billion in revenue, global manufacturing ready and expanding businesses are seeking innovation in the Healthcare and Hospitality & Food Service market.


The good news? A critical evaluation of the most needed cross-sector technologies leads to a short list of immediately viable technologies, and an even more limited list when considering any systems that have a broad market capability, appeal, and future technology vision.


Using insights and understanding of customer needs, Arc Revere solutions are practical applications fulfilling unmet needs and resolving challenges. Cleaning and improved hygienic conditions are accomplished with time, chemistry, physical action, temperature and routine processes. We provide carefully designed and thoughtfully engineered innovations that work to reduce time required, increase efficacy of chemistry applied, and achieve results with less requirement on physical action.

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