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Q3 | Quat Monitoring

Measuring quat solution using test strips is operator dependent, color changes are not particularly clear, and the use of the strips system is completely manual and relying on operator discretion to use the strips in a timely and effective manner, neither of which typically happens. As a result, violations cited by inspectors typically include incorrect quat concentrations.

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A small battery powered device, Q3 gently floats in the sanitizing sink of three compartment sinks and continuously assesses the level of quat in solution (ADBAC quat nominally at 200PPM minimum).


  • Q3 turns on automatically when placed into water and employs bright easily recognized red and green solution status lights

  • Within the target range, a bright green TARGET light illuminates

  • Higher or lower than the target range, red lights illuminate for OVER or UNDER, respectively

  • Q3 cycles automatically running a solution assessment every three minutes and illuminates the appropriate status light

  • After four hours, the system flashes all lights until the solution is refreshed


  • Assuring correct sanitizing solutions allow more efficient use of time and aids in maximizing customer experience  

  • Ongoing monitoring becomes the simplest of functions for the operator, reminding them to monitor sanitizing solution concentration and alert when it is time to refresh

  • Q3 removes burden from staff so they may be more productive and place their focus on more customer facing, revenue-improving work



  • One of the more significant aspects influencing costs is incorrect use of chemistry

  • Too much and too little chemistry use are both problematic – with the result that the solution must be discarded and made anew, or more likely, the over-dosing is not recognized and providing sub-par soapy tasting wares to the customer

  • Compounding the issue and increasing cost follows by not refreshing the solution at the appropriate interval or replacing it earlier than needed

  • Q3 provides a robust, hands-free, cost-effective solution to these challenges   

Chef's Kitchen

Arc Revere technologies provide the tools needed to further deliver the highest perception of care and cleanliness. Whether it’s technology facilitating soft surface sanitizing or assessing the cleanliness of a counter in a deli, Arc Revere has a proven track record of in-depth engineering and innovation.

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