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CLICK | Surface Cleanliness Assessment

Clean surfaces are an obvious need in hospitality, food services and healthcare related facilities alike. Reducing the likelihood of cross contamination and increasing the real and perceived level of cleanliness is important. Ensuring that surfaces are clean, however, is not as easy as a simple visual assessment. The need we sought to satisfy was an easy to use, practical tool to allow general assessment of the cleanliness of a surface. CLICK is our solution.

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Assessing surface cleanliness is a time and money consuming task. In critical applications, the ideal answer would be to swab and culture a surface to assess what is present, but that solution is far beyond the scope of a typical use case and certainly beyond the realm of need for applications like a deli counter. However, understanding the general level of cleanliness of a surface has merit, especially when that assessment may take the form of a simple handheld low cost device with light-switch simple ease of use.

The CLICK system is a battery powered handheld tool that allows a user to simply and quickly assess surfaces. Utilizing the physics of spectral reflection from collimated full spectrum light, the CLICK system assesses the cleanliness of surfaces whether stainless steel in a deli or an overbed table in a long-term care facility.


Unlike ATP or culturing surfaces, CLICK is a fast aggregate cleanliness assessment tool that allows understanding of the general state of cleanliness of a surface. Employing an analysis of the spectral reflectance of light as gathered through two spatially separated lenses, operation is as simple as pressing a button, waving the device over the target surface and watching the green LEDs. If the LEDs turn off or waver, the surface is not uniformly clean.


CLICK finds use in a broad range of applications and helps to ensure surfaces are efficiently cleaned as is useful as both an auditing tool and an on-the-go verification of cleaning thoroughness.



With a single button press, CLICK easily allows assessments - the operator merely looks at go/no-go lights. When surfaces are uniformly clean, the bright green lights on both sides of the device illuminate. If the lights waver or go out, then the area under the device is not uniformly cleaned and the operator can simply address that area and proceed further.



The benefit of CLICK comes from allowing staff to not only assess and identify lesser cleaned areas, but the compact form factor and simple ease of use allows them to immediately act upon the target area. Ensuring that surfaces are clean becomes the simplest of functions for the operator. In the busy ongoing operation of the business, CLICK removes burden from staff so they may be more productive and place their focus on more revenue-driving work.

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Arc Revere technologies provide the tools needed to further deliver the highest perception of care and cleanliness. Whether it’s technology facilitating soft surface sanitizing or assessing the cleanliness of a counter in a deli, Arc Revere has a proven track record of in-depth engineering and innovation.

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