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VASST | Soft Surface Sanitizing

The vacuum accelerated soft surface tool (VASST) is a system that facilitates the distribution of chemistry through soft surface porous items, typically larger volume items, which cannot otherwise be readily sanitized. Curtains in hospital rooms, pillows, comforters, stuffed animals, blood pressure cuffs, and, when using the flex kit, even large objects may be processed, like gurney mattresses, for example. The driver for the technology is the explosive growth of assisted living, long term care, and overall healthcare due to population aging and the aftereffects of the recent pandemic.

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VASST uses pressure differential to facilitate capillary action and fiber to fiber contact to distribute chemistry. 


Application of the soft surface sanitizer is via an ergonomically designed spray handle creating satisfactory wetting in compliance with EPA guidelines for soft surface sanitizing. The VASST system automatically cycles through a three-minute cycle, creating differential pressure, repeating and releasing, and due to the physics of the process, the subsequent air drying of the item after the VASST cycle is fast, far faster than drying a previously submerged item. 

Users of VASST gain the ability to sanitize a significantly wider range of objects and to process those objects far faster and more easily than currently possible. The exceptionally broad applicability of the VASST system, from hospitals and ambulances to hotels, and the simple ease of use and speed of operation, make the acronym particularly fitting, quite vast (VASST).


The VASST system is compact and readily transportable device, easily located anywhere in a facility where soft surface sanitizing is desired. Push-button operation is facilitated through robust engineering while the speed of operation saves down time, inventory, and expensive off-site processing. The cost of a VASST system provides a solid return on investment over the cost associated with increased laundering.



With a single button press, VASST automatically cycles.  The system does not require installation and the ease of use is exceptional.



The benefit of the VASST system comes from helping to ensure that sanitizing is easily, effectively and efficiently performed. In the busy ongoing operation of the business, VASST reduces the time burden of staff so they may be more productive and place their focus on more hygiene and perception of cleanliness focused work.


Arc Revere technologies provide the tools needed to further deliver the highest perception of care and cleanliness. Whether it’s technology facilitating soft surface sanitizing or assessing the cleanliness of a counter in a deli, Arc Revere has a proven track record of in-depth engineering and innovation.

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